Friday, 24 February 2012

My problems with this ban list.

Hey, it's been a while. Consistency in writing is not quite my forte. But I felt the need to do one bit in particular - comment on this disgrace Konami is calling a ban list.
I read a really good joke the other day. Want to read it? -

"In order to keep gameplay at Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME events fair and balanced, we are updating the Limited and Forbidden Cards List"

On Konami's site accompanying the ban list announcement. What a load of rubbish. Why do I hate it so much? Is it because the wind up loop is still spinning, Inzektors are still killing and rabbit are still negating with no problems whatsoever? No. While it ain't an ideal situation, I don't mind it. I've been playing this game since before its British release, and I know there's always some awesome deck at the top that does awesome stuff like this. Perhaps it is too far this time around, so yes, it is annoying. But not nearly as annoying as the ban list.
Trap Dustshoot, yeah, okay. Nobody particularly likes to see it and it's a pretty damn good effect. They at least had the sense to ban this, that's okay. But the other three? Glow Up Bulb, Spore and Trishula all recieved the hammer. How stupid. Yes, plant synchro is good. It's also quite original considering 2/3 of the Triforce now are blatant themes made by konami - I much rather this type of deck. But regardless, I have said it already - this deck is good. In fact, to be honest my encounters with it have been harder than the Triforce. but it plays fair. Sure, it can do some awesome stuff, but none quite of levels elsewhere, simply put, it was a good deck but not broken like the current monstrosities. There was no reason anything should have got hit. Perhaps Trishula was a tad too powerful if you get the materials for free, but it seems pretty fine if you do it normally, so that problem lies elsewhere. Again, the other two are good. I'm not saying these aint great cards, but the deck simply aint what it used to be compared and to be banned now is a disgrace. I feel as if I've just ranted here to I'll sum it up - Plants were great, now just good, and good aint crippling ban worthy.
Exactly.The Same.Problem. Good decks but not broken, and these cards are key parts of them. These do not deserve a limit. There are much bigger threats to the stability of the game. It goes against what Konami said at the top of the page. Perhaps these decks should be limited in some way, but not in isolation and certainly not like this.
Now, this section of the list is alright. It gives a lot of tier 2 decks a little tool to help them along the way. Lumina. Smoke Signal. Even Level Limit Area B for stall choices, especially considering xyz can often make this card redundant. so for the most part, they did well here. Torrential tribute at two is very interesting and I really can't say until I see it in action. The same stands for call of the haunted. But to be honest, Tengu didn't really need to go down. It's only really a problem with avarice up. Its the issue of a good card yes, but there are worse. It still has use at a semi, especially with horn of the phantom beast out. Perhaps this was the right choice, but right now, I don't think so.

And thats what we cna see. What blatantly obvious stuff could have been done to make this list so much better? I don't really care much for debating over this, but I'll add a quick bit. If they put Tengu to two, theres no excuse why tgu could not meet the same fate. If anything it'd encourage use of the bus more. I think Hyperion would have been more suitable to hit than the Agent of Mystery, if the deck even needed it at all. Should the Triforce have been hit? A little bit, but I certainly understand them not wishing to immediately cripple the deck. Hunter to one would have little effect but certainly do something so would have been a safe play. They won't ban the most recent stuff so there aint much you can do to Inzektors, and rabbit at 2 for now would be fine. At 1 its actually a nice card I think, it allows normal decks to get an extra benefit from doing so without being so easy to make a deck like this.
My two cents. (From a tcg point of view)