Friday, 3 June 2011

Infamous 2 demo up now!

Hey, been an absence again. Got a bunch of PS3 games down, all going to receive a written review alongside the aforementioned title. But its 1:30am, I’m tired, but I’ve just finished the Infamous 2 demo – downloadable now from the playstation store – and I want to give a first impressions while its still fresh in my mind.
Freaking Amazing.
I won’t hide that Infamous is probably my favorite game on the PS3 I’ve played thus far. That may be a limited spectrum, but regardless it compares to pretty much any other game I’ve played from other libraries, so I can give merit to it’s awesomeness – needless to say, I had high expectations. So from a mere demo, was it to satisfy my appetite? Depends on what you get from that. Do I want to play more now? Hell yeah.
After a brief overview of the past story, your treated with 4 missions from various points from presumably the early game ( 2 good, 2 bad). While each short, It manages to showcase the immense boss battles, soaring city landscapes and new enemies in one neat package. Enough background. Here’s what stuck in my mind.
- It’s faster. I remember Cole speeding around Empire City in decent time, but somehow they made the whole experience faster, more fluid and obviously more outright fun.
- You can interact with the environment. Whereas Empire City’s landscape would not change much more than the location of cars throughout the game, within minutes I was launching a few shots to sweep the pillars from underneath the militias feet, sending them crashing to the ground. Something not previously possible, a very nice addition.
- While not scary so much, one set of the new enemies quickly invokes panic when they literally jump right at you in contrast to the usual gun line from a distance. Interesting, looking forward to seeing it.
- It offered just enough to showcase everything I wanted to know to confirm that this is a game I need, but not enough to ruin anything.
I could go on, but for your sake and mine I’ll stop here. I highly recommend you have a download RIGHT now or at the soonest inconvenience. The only excuse is that you don’t own a ps3 or you avoided the first game. That in itself is not really forgivable, but at least you can get it with you welcome back package to consolidate. I can’t say if the full game quite lives up to it without playing it, but I’m more hyped than ever now and can’t wait for June 10th. Portal 2, L.A. Noire, Infamous 2, Ocarina of Time, and adventures yet untold, 2011 looks to be a brilliant year for gaming and choosing a top is gonna be pretty hard, but if this lives up to the demo it wouldn’t be unrealistic to see it on top.

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