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Top new pokemon

Top 10 B/W pokes
Well, to get this blog started I have been going around doing this and that on a few of my hobbies. I still have a few things to talk about before I have to start coming up with ideas, but for now I’ll settle for Pokémon. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t like Pokémon/ the internet) You would be aware that some new, good proper games are coming out fairly soon (In japan at least), September 18th to be exact. I will be among those importing the game, and I have little knowledge of the Japanese language. But I decided to give my thoughts on the Pokémon so far – most of em seem a bit like marmalade. I first decided to do a top 5 – but I couldn’t choose just 5 at this stage, so I upped it to 10. (Pictures can be found here - )
#10 Zorua: Even decided this was hard, as I love 90% of the pokes that have been shown so far. I chose this guy for number 10 to start off, s/he’s got a pretty nice design, but instantly I was not 100% keen. However it’s grown on me and I like it now.
#9 Meguroko: Again, this is similar to the other guy. When this batch of pokemon were shown I only really liked # to start off with, but he grew on me and I love those shades now. His typing and ability also seem fun for ingame and hopefully the competitive scene.
#8 Gigaiasu: This guy was first shown in a batch of six, and while they were all decent this guy just looked the best. I was sceptical at first but now I gotta catch one of these badass beasts.
#7 Kibagon: I gotta admit, the first 3 poke’s in my list were far from love at first sight – from here on however, they all were. This larvitar lookalike may not look much as he is, but the design is pretty nice and he’s a dragon, always welcome. As long as he don’t evolve into a flying walrus I think I’ll find space for him somewhere.
#6 Zoroark: Gen 5’s first poster boy, an event only – poke with an epic ability. Not quite as cool as Lucario, but I reckon we will see him in the next smash bros.(please make another!). Otherwise his design is solid and I look forward to capturing one.
#5 Chirmamii: Normal type technician you can get early game? Yes please! And I’m sure little cup will welcome the fella. His design is perfect, certainly one to catch early game – just make sure you get the right ability!
#4 Wooguru: Now this is one of the most badass flying types we’ve had for generations. I first thought it was a delibird evolution to be honest, but I’m really not bothered. While he may be caught later in the game (screenshot shows lv58,every other poke so far has been lv50) I’ll reserve my flying type poke for this guy.
#3 Reshiam: The bronze goes to Black’s cover legend. To make a Pokémon all out of a single colour seems a recipe for disaster, but this was pulled off rather well, and apart from some oddly placed hair in a particular place makes this a solid poke. It looks elegant, powerful and all knowing, something which sounds like a recipe for a great Pokémon. One to look forward too I think.
#2 Tsutuja : Easily the best started of this generation for me, and I guess I’ll have to wait to see the final evolution to have a proper judgement, I like the look of him quite a lot so far to guarantee I’ll choose him on launch day. He may not be the best started, but I feel confident in saying he is my favourite grass starter to date.
#1 Bikutini: The most recently- officially showed – Pokémon of the list, this event only legend looks great and to fit right in with the lineup of base 100’s. I thought he was the best of 5th as soon as I saw him, and I look forward to soft reseting one for my competitive team!
Special Mention: Zekrom – this guy is quite badass, and I would probably place him at 11#. However, I did like him the first time I saw him, but he was overshadowed by Reshiam for me, so I thought I’d not include him.
Hope you enjoyed the article, I might not have the best way’s of telling you why I like some pokes but… I hope you get the idea. Why not leave a comment if you agree or disagree with me?

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