Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Generic Light VS Darkness Intro.

You've probably heard the story of light versus darkness countless times before. A tale of good vs bad, an epic story of hero pitted against villain, or even just yin and yang. Whichever iteration you know, they're all pretty much the same. Good triumphs in the end, and it's heroes are praised for defeating those threats to society (in one way or another.) This is pretty much how goodness is described, writing the "wrongs" of evildoers, however small. But arguably, if no one did "wrong" how would we know what was right? How would we know what was "good"? Who could we really trust?

If everyone was perfect by current standards, no one would stand out for modern day heroics, but this would simply be another part of daily life. People would not have role models if everyone was perfect themselves, so would not aspire to do as well. In the end, it's fairly easy to assume that in a warped kind of way, doing wrong is the right thing to do. Just look at the symbol of yin and yang, the two sides overlap by quite a margin and even contain parts of each other hidden within. Good cannot exist without evil and vice versa, so both are as integral to life as the other.

That's how I justify myself, anyway.

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