Thursday, 24 February 2011

GAME lowers 3DS in store price to £219.99

In apparent response to competition, GAME stores across the UK have lowered their price for the new 3DS to £219.99 in store. Back when the 3DS RRP was announced to be left up to retailers, GAME jumped in with a price point of £229.99 that shocked many fans at its price. Since then a fierce price war has been underway in the UK, with top store price £197 from Morrison’s, and close behind online GAME, Gamestation, Amazon and Toys’R’Us are all charging £196.99.
GAME was quoted to have said this price only affects online sales in response to online competition, but left retail price alone. This seems to have been remedied now, but at £219.99 it is still the highest on the market. Expect further cuts in the lead up to Nintendo’s new console.
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