Sunday, 20 March 2011


Just realised I’ve done a review without actually saying just what the scores mean. I’m sure you know approximately, but here’s what they mean just so you know my take on it.

0%-09% - No enjoyable moments whatsoever, treat as nuclear waste – stay well away and dispose of as soon as possible.
10%-19% - Pretty hideous. Maybe theres something hidden that may seem like fun, but really it’s still utter rubbish.
20%-39%- Maybe one of two slight moments of enjoyment, but massively flawed and best avoided.
40%-49%- A few good bits here and there, but that’s about it. Not really worth looking into from anything but a bargain bin.
50%-64% - Average at best, unless it’s a niche that appeals to you or you’ve been looking forward to it, probably worth missing.
65%-79% - A good game, but it’s just missing that special something. Still worth picking up, but a major flaw or a similar issue could put you off.
80%-89%- A great game, but not quite brilliant. If your at all interested it’s probably worth picking up, but one or two problems mean it might not be for everyone.
90%-94% - A fantastic game you shouldn’t think twice about buying. Only one or two small details prevent it from getting to the top.
95%+ - BUY THIS. Its flaws are second to none, and from start to finish the game radiates fun. If you own the console you NEED this game.
100% - I’ve been hacked. No game is perfect.

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